What is Reiki?

In broad terms “rei” signifies “universal”, whilst “ki” means “energy”, and thus Reiki means “life force” or “universal energy”. Reiki treatment is a simple hands-on healing art which re-invigorates and restores harmony to individuals, as well as being effective in addressing general malaise and specific conditions alike. Healing is not the same as “curing” but although Reiki cannot be held a cure for all ills, and is not a substitute for professional medical attention, it is nevertheless a natural gentle healing remedy which can effectively enhance well-being on all levels. It involves the practitioner gently laying hands on the recipient, who remains fully clothed, relaxed on the treatment couch.

For more information on Reiki, visit www.reikifed.co.uk

Reiki is available on:

  • Monday and Tuesday and some evenings
  • Home visits by arrangement

Reiki practitioners are: Sue Jeeves, Sue Keady and Narina Riskovitz

For more information on Reiki ring the clinic or speak to Sue Jeeves on 07807 774214